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The "Adonis - Le thé blanc" fragrance, specially designed for students, allows you to exude a unique charm on campus.


As a young student, you seek a distinctive and refined scent. This fragrance is based on fresh white tea and incorporates woody notes, presenting a light and enchanting aroma. It is not only highly favored by you but also captures the attention of classmates and teachers.


Emanate the unique charm of this fragrance in the classroom. Whether attending social events or going out with friends, you will become the center of attention. This fragrance not only helps boost your confidence but also showcases your unique personality and youthful vigor.


"Adonis - Le thé blanc" is your secret weapon for style and confidence. It represents the fusion of youth, adventure, and charm, bringing you a distinctive image. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, this fragrance will bring an irresistible allure.


Become the owner of "Adonis - Le thé blanc" and showcase your student charm. Experience this captivating woody white tea fragrance now and become an unparalleled godly figure during your student years.

Adonis - Le thé blanc

  • Odor Components:

    Tea Leaves, Artemisia, Kaffir Lime, Neroli and Petitgrain, Pepper, Cardamom, Coriander, Musk, Woody Notes, Jasmine, Amber, Rose

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