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“Aphrodite - Cœur de Rose” - Awaken the flowers within you and unleash your enticing fragrance.


Designed specifically for students, this women's perfume will bring a unique sense of confidence and charm to your life. Based on the refreshing scent of roses, it emits a subtle fragrance that feels like strolling through a meadow of flowers.


In campus, you aspire to be the goddess that catches everyone's attention. “Aphrodite - Cœur de Ros”  will be your magical weapon, helping you stand out among friends and classmates. Whether attending classes or social events, this fragrance will make you blossom like a flower, becoming the most radiant presence in the room.


With every spray, it releases your personal charm and allure. The carefully blended aroma of roses will let you experience the blooming beauty of flowers, representing your youthful vitality and passionate pursuit.


“Aphrodite - Cœur de Rose” is your secret weapon to showcase your true elegance. It seamlessly integrates into your student life, exuding a unique charm. Become the owner of this perfume and let everyone be captivated by your fragrant aura.


Own “Aphrodite - Cœur de Rose” now and let this gentle, refreshing scent become a symbol of your unique allure. Display your goddess-like presence during your student days and become the most enchanting figure on campus.


Aphrodite - Cœur de Rose

  • Odor components:

    Rose, Red Wine, Geranium, Pelargonium, Honey, Rhizome, Woody Notes, Fruity Notes, Musk

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